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37 years

37 abundant moments

37 pauses and reflections of enduring love

37 enriched memories-two, as one



Discussions of wisdom and truth


Boys pure and delightful; creations of wonder

Family; four together; never to be separated

Always one for all and all for one

Love conquers all

Love endures

Love seemingly gone in a flash, but etched in our minds and hearts forever.

Love eternal

                                                                                                                     Terry Grosvenor                                                                                                                                      May 15, 2017


Sitting By My Love May 2, 2017

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My love,

No longer adorned with gentle, green bells ringing in the arrival of brandy-cherry roses,  draped merrily in tiers of fern,                                                                                                          amidst vibrant orange lillies,                                                                                              trumpeting the soul’s rising.

The soft peace of fragrant white roses now masked by raked-over soil and muted grass,  too fast his beauty erased.

No color


Only the swirling breeze returns the memory of his touch to my tear-worn face.

Faint Spanish guitar dances beside me, as

I lay a small bouquet of daisies sent from a long-ago friend,

On the yellowed grass

While repeating words of love to him, as

The last lovely guitar chord is strummed,

Visions of floating waltzes drift off  in the distance.

Terry Grosvenor                                                                                                                                       May 2, 2017


Missing Billy April 14, 2017

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Sorrow enfolds me

Weaving within and around my heart

Encapsulating my soul

In Silence

Terry Grosvenor                                                                                                                                       April 14, 2017


Watercolor World February 19, 2017

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What do you do on a depressing day, when everything appears dark and gloomy?                   Answer:  Watercolor Away.  Today, I had a little time to play around with my Kuretaki Japanese watercolors, resulting in 12 “Thank you” cards to begin my 2017 365 Cards Project.  I experimented with several interesting techniques, which I plan to use again in the future.  Maybe it is not too late to get some of my delinquent sentiments mailed to friends and family, who have helped us through some very difficult times.   Once again,  the cards are much prettier in “real time”.  Watercoloring definitely perked me up a bit.


For the Love of Golf February 17, 2017

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Granddad, Brett, Bennett, Leanna & Granty K enjoying the Brookhaven Driving Range


Our World

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Brookhaven Country Club (Jordan Spieth’s Dallas Club)     February 17,2017                                Billy & Terry Our Current Life:                                              Do What You Love with All You Have



A Glass Wonder February 16, 2017

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Our trip to Dallas for a second opinion at UT Southwestern began with a view of this  beautiful Chihuly Glass Sculpture in the center of the clinic’s foyer.  The sculpture displays rich color and gorgeous glass detail.  A moment of pleasure during our visit.