Squirrel House Update

Yesterday, as I watched the “squirrel house” outside my window, I saw the mother squirrel pick up my dogs’ brown stuffed beaver toy (laying on the grass).  She picked it up by the back of the neck, walked a bit with it, and suddenly shook it out of her mouth.  She then put the toy back down on the grass and walked away.  Oh, for a video of that moment!  Amazing!  I guess she thought one of her babies had fallen out of the house????!!!!!


New fan of iGoogle and GMail

I am such a fan of iGoogle as my home page.  I have added all sorts of “Gadgets” like news, weather, literary quotes, hangman, NYTimes Crossword Puzzle, nature photographs, birthday reminders, famous quotes, etc.  I love it!

My son, Brett, has assisted me in changing my e-mail to a web-based one named Gmail.  It is very user-friendly and has easy ways to organize and categorize your “conversations” (e-mails from people and sites).  You will never lose an important e-mail that you receive.  I am sure many of you know about this, but I had not tried it.  Any e-mails sent to my suddenlink address will be  forwarded to the new one at gmail, so please keep conversing.

Saturday’s Class

Terry and Mary Kay working VERY hard in Julie Fair's class at Scrapbooker's Dream!
Terry and Mary Kay working VERY hard in Julie Fair's class at Scrapbooker's Dream!
Julie Teaching the Calendar Class at Scrapbooker's Dream!
Julie Teaching the Calendar Class at Scrapbooker's Dream!

I enjoyed a wonderful day with friends yesterday taking a scrapbooking class with Julie Fair.  We made a Calendar folder for keeping cards, special events, etc.  It was definitely a challenge for me because I just couldn’t seem to get it together with my cutting system yesterday!  I was the “Disaster Crafter” initially,  but with Julie’s help I finally got it together to create some beautiful pages of the project.  Some days are like that!  I was really, really tired when I got home, but after a brief nap I was able to converse with much more clarity with BG.  Last night I started reading a mystery book with an English flare on my K2– Silent from the Grave.  It sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it?  The reviews caught my interest and I thought it would be an exciting  fast read mystery.  I mopped the kitchen floor at 10:30 p.m. and that was definitely the end of my day!  Hopefully, I will be inspired to write something more thought-provoking this evening.

“Caught Stealing” by Charlie Huston

I accidentally downloaded this one onto my Kindle 2.  This would not have been my pick, but the action caught me wanting to finish it.  Caught Stealing is a story about a character who is innocent of wrongdoing in the beginning of the tale, until he is given a cat and a key to take care of by a friend, transforming him into a hunted criminal.

Next, I will be finishing my library book:  The No. 1 Ladie’s Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith,

The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee, and An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor (sequel to An Irish Country Doctor).  Did anyone see Peter Jenning’s Person of the Week today—-Mortenson from Three Cups of Tea?  Wonderful!

Cherry Blossoms in the Spring

Dallas Arboretum in the Spring

     Blooming Azaleas-endless blankets of pink and purple loveliness interupting steps of wonder

          Toddlers dressed in Sunday’s finest, bows on heads, barefeet tickled by soft, green grass

                 Teenage beauties in rhinestone dresses, sparkling tierras, and primping mamas

                      Tulips-sorbet lemon chiffon my favorite flavor, with orange and yellow sherberts parading behind

                            Cherry Blossoms adorned in bridal white with bees working tirelessly, buzzing from bloom-to-bloom.

                                  Beautiful Day filled with blossoms floating on the tiers of Spring’s gentle breeze.

                                                                                                                                                            Terry M. Grosvenor

Day #192

Mayans, Monkeys, Birds, Owls & Sharks

The Dallas World Acquarium is definitely a recommended site to visit in Dallas.  Brett, Leanna, BG and I walked from their apartment.  We had quite a line initially, but it moved quickly and we took pictures with the Mayan dancers while we waited.  Once you enter, you are surrounded by a rainforest with birds flying freely,  and animals in natural habitats.  Enjoy the pictures:

Friday Night Birthday Celebration in Dallas!

BG’s big 60 birthday–whew hew!  We drove to Brett & Leanna’ s home in Dallas Friday morning and celebrated BG’s big birthday with an amazing view of the city from their rooftop, and a wonderful Italian dinner at Patrizios.  Brett, Leanna and I  started off splitting  their very popular grilled chicken salad,  while BG enjoyed a scrumptious  portebello mushroom salad.  He shared with all of us, of course.  We then feasted on Eggplant Parmesan, open-faced ravioli with artichokes and asparagus, Penne Cabrese, and a chicken  mushroom lasagna.  Delicious.  We rode back through Turtle Creek with pink azaleas and tulips in full bloom!  Leanna had baked BG a St. Pat’s birthday cake decorated with shamrocks and sentiments.  A great evening, indeed! Day #190

Morning Reflection

The viewing last evening of GBill’s documentary “Last Best Hope” was quite sweet.  It was difficult to watch due to GBill’s recent passing, but it was also comforting and inspiring to hear his voice and see such a tribute to his life and the courage and fortitude of the Belgian people. 

David Grosvenor, Co-Producer of "Last Best Hope"
David Grosvenor, Co-Producer of "Last Best Hope"

Day #189

Last Best Hope Showing

Tonight at 6:15, Dr. Cliff Stewart, pastor of our church (First Central Presbyterian) and great friend of GBill’s, is showing GBill’s documentary Last Best Hope.   It is a great film that honors both GBill and the sweet and courageous  people from Belgium who risked everything to hide and protect American soldiers.

Fighter Pilot Bill Grosvenor, Sr.
Fighter Pilot Bill Grosvenor, Sr.

Day #188

A Poem from an Irish Gent

A gentleman on the Today Show today shared the following from Ireland:

Life is often all froth and bubble,

But two things stand alone,

Kindness in another’s trouble, and

Courage in your own.

Wear a bit of green today on the Eve of St. Patrick’s Day!

                                                                                      Day # 186

Waterfall, Bringeth on Spring!

What a Sunday it has been today!  BG and I accompanied his mother to church, followed by quiet reading at home.  Things were running pretty smoothly, until I noticed one dead fish in our pond floating amongst enough algae to brew up a thick, thick soup.  We tried to get the waterfall running again–no luck; tested the pump–not even a bubble; looked at the tubing–a big crack.   So, we were off to Lowe’s to buy a new pump, new tubing and some algae treatment.  After climbing though prickly brush, threading tubing here and there, alas, the waterfall worketh again!  One of my favorite things:  our waterfall!  Now, I am ready for Spring–my first Spring since being retired.  Day #185:  a good day!

As Dr. Cliff says:  Dig Deep!