Current Scrapbooking Projects

I have a special group of scrapbooking friends that I refer to as The Scrapbooking Divas, who I have the delight of meeting with once-a-month.  These are amazingly talented women and the best friends anyone could have the pleasure of knowing.  They have taught me the art of scrapbooking memories with style.  I have progressed from my very simple pages to some very complex and entertaining ones I am truly pleased at having created.  These ladies have also inspired me to alter several items, create several books,  and enjoy the amazing effects of inking, inking and more inking.

I am currently creating a board book kit of “The Best of 2008″, which I purchased from The Scrappy Gourmet and am adapting with my own style.

I am also continueing my journey of scrapping my thousands of photographs taken on a wonderful Classic Fall Foliage trip through all five states of New England with my sweet mama in October of 2008.

I hope to scan some of my pages and share them with you today!  Also, I will post some of my favorite photographs under the New England category here on my blog.


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