An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor

I finished reading An Irish Country Doctor today.  What an enjoyable read.  The author, Patrick Taylor was born and grew up in Bangor County Down in Northern Ireland.  The book is based on his journals of his life as a rural doctor in Ireland.  The Ulster dialect is quite interesting. Some examples follow:

                  both legs the same length=standing about uselessly

                  get on one’s wick=get on one’s nerves

                  grand man for the pan=one who really enjoys fried food

                  knickers in a twist=anxiously upset

                  length and breadth of it=all the details

                  pop one’s clogs=die



                  boys-a-boys=expression of amazement

                  colloguing=chatting about trivia

                  heart of corn=very good natured

                  in soul, I do=emphatic


2 thoughts on “An Irish Country Doctor by Patrick Taylor

  1. Hey MK,
    I’m so glad you visited! You would really enjoy reading that book-it’s really quite delightful.
    Hope to see you tomorrow!

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