Waterfall, Bringeth on Spring!

What a Sunday it has been today!  BG and I accompanied his mother to church, followed by quiet reading at home.  Things were running pretty smoothly, until I noticed one dead fish in our pond floating amongst enough algae to brew up a thick, thick soup.  We tried to get the waterfall running again–no luck; tested the pump–not even a bubble; looked at the tubing–a big crack.   So, we were off to Lowe’s to buy a new pump, new tubing and some algae treatment.  After climbing though prickly brush, threading tubing here and there, alas, the waterfall worketh again!  One of my favorite things:  our waterfall!  Now, I am ready for Spring–my first Spring since being retired.  Day #185:  a good day!

As Dr. Cliff says:  Dig Deep!