Book Club Tonight

I always enjoy our once-a-month meetings.  Tonight, we will be reviewing Love in the time of Cholera, a story of “love” in its many forms of illusion and truth through life’s phases from youth to old age.

2 thoughts on “Book Club Tonight

  1. Kelley,
    It is a very different book. The characters are not necessarily likeable, but the author’s descriptions and use of vocabulary are excellent. It was not a favorite book of mine, but I did find myself wanting to finish it and it is one you find yourself thinking about afterwards to figure out some of the author’s intent, connection of details, etc. This is one that is difficult to review, I think. One could say it is about obsession, love as an illlusion in several different forms, and love as a convenience or resolve for loneliness in old age. At times, each of us in the book club became rather “bogged down” with it. Terry

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