Morning Reflection

The viewing last evening of GBill’s documentary “Last Best Hope” was quite sweet.  It was difficult to watch due to GBill’s recent passing, but it was also comforting and inspiring to hear his voice and see such a tribute to his life and the courage and fortitude of the Belgian people. 

David Grosvenor, Co-Producer of "Last Best Hope"
David Grosvenor, Co-Producer of "Last Best Hope"

Day #189


3 thoughts on “Morning Reflection

  1. Terry, is the documentary available in a DVD or CD? I would like to see it. My Dad drove a tank in World War II and Jerry’s Dad was a gunner in a B-26 airplane. Before he passed away, I remember my Dad talking about freeing POWs in Europe after the War was over, but I don’t know where. I need to do some research. Let me know how we can view Bill’s Dad’s documentary.

  2. Susan,
    The DVD is available for checkout at the Abilene Public Library, (which I would suggest you do first) or you can purchase it from PBS or Amazon. It sounds like you and Jerry would really enjoy it and maybe it will entice you into doing some more research about your dads.

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