How much room is in that house?

From my window, I just watched the Mama Squirrel (who is huge, I might add) jump to the house and totally flatten out to squeeze her entire body and big tail inside the top condo. of the “squirrel house”.  You can’t see her at all now.  Amazing!  No picture, but a witness view.


“Caught Stealing” by Charlie Huston

I accidentally downloaded this one onto my Kindle 2.  This would not have been my pick, but the action caught me wanting to finish it.  Caught Stealing is a story about a character who is innocent of wrongdoing in the beginning of the tale, until he is given a cat and a key to take care of by a friend, transforming him into a hunted criminal.

Next, I will be finishing my library book:  The No. 1 Ladie’s Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith,

The Piano Teacher by Janice Y.K. Lee, and An Irish Country Village by Patrick Taylor (sequel to An Irish Country Doctor).  Did anyone see Peter Jenning’s Person of the Week today—-Mortenson from Three Cups of Tea?  Wonderful!