Tax Planting Day

As  a “tax baby”, one tends to prefer the calmness of the outdoors to discussions of taxes due, taxes avoided, tax-paying refusal, tax politics, etc.  I enjoyed a wonderful special day with BG yesterday, planting perennials and other “pretties” in our yard.  Gardening is truly good for the soul.  I tried the art of dog grooming in the afternoon.  The “buzzing” clippers worked great, but the artist needs a little practice.  Maxwell looks SO MUCH BETTER, but is a little choppy on his back. 

I travelled to Italy, reading EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert, and today, I still have to travel through India and Indonesia by the time of my book club tonight!  Do you think I will make the deadline?  I plan to enjoy the journey, anyway.

Today, I spent the morning at Kasi’s Salon, getting my hair cut fairly short again—love it!  I was feeling rather droopy before, and now I am ready to dance Friday night, lighter on my feet-hah!