Tax Planting Day

As  a “tax baby”, one tends to prefer the calmness of the outdoors to discussions of taxes due, taxes avoided, tax-paying refusal, tax politics, etc.  I enjoyed a wonderful special day with BG yesterday, planting perennials and other “pretties” in our yard.  Gardening is truly good for the soul.  I tried the art of dog grooming in the afternoon.  The “buzzing” clippers worked great, but the artist needs a little practice.  Maxwell looks SO MUCH BETTER, but is a little choppy on his back. 

I travelled to Italy, reading EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert, and today, I still have to travel through India and Indonesia by the time of my book club tonight!  Do you think I will make the deadline?  I plan to enjoy the journey, anyway.

Today, I spent the morning at Kasi’s Salon, getting my hair cut fairly short again—love it!  I was feeling rather droopy before, and now I am ready to dance Friday night, lighter on my feet-hah!


One thought on “Tax Planting Day

  1. Happy birthday wishes to you my friend! It sounds like you had the perfect day in your garden, and then there will be dancing too! I know you love that!!!

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