The Wonder of Bees!

Researchers say that bees are a sign of the state of our ecological environment.

When I saw numerous bees hovering over our sage bush in bloom, I had to snap this picture.  My neighbor, who is a bee expert, says he is carrying pollen.  Be sure to click on the picture to see it enlarged!

Bee Carrying Pollen
Bee Carrying Pollen

Staying on Track One Day at a Time!

I had forgotten how much the “My Nutrition” food tracking helps me stay on track.  It is tiring to put in everything you put in your mouth at first, but when I can put them in as a  “food not listed”, I can add a food as a favorite and never have to put it in again.  I also can’t believe how much it helped me to just go to the store and purchase all of the ingredients at once.  Now I have the sugar-free or fat-free items on hand and can make some of my own meals up myself.  I created the following today:

Delicious BREAKFAST  for only 150 calories:

Eggo Nutri-grain Low-fat Waffle, Hill Country Fair Sugar-free Syrup and one Morning Star Veggi-sausage.

Review:  Very filling and tasted very good!  An Alfredo’s Huevos Ranchero it isn’t, but very satisfying!!

I will eat my Hungry Girl Breakfast cookies during the week.

LUNCH for 247 calories:

Whole Wheat English Muffin toasted with one side HEB Natural Cheese Jalepeno Jack Cheese and one side Butterball 97% Fat-Free thin Oven-fried Roasted Turkey, with pickles added after toasting.

Review:  Delicious; love this turkey!

SNACK:  Vanilla Sugar-Free Pudding with Readi-Whip Fat-Free Whipped Cream.  (I liked this better than the chocolate)

I still have quite a large allowance of calories allowed for Dinner and later Snack and will still meet my calorie goal for the day-yeah!!

For the Love of Letters

Letter writing is a lost art.  I still receive an occasional lovely letter from a friend or relative and they are so refreshing.  Of course, I am one of those people who loves to type, my writing is terrible, and writing hurts my hands–

(maybe that is due to the fact I still squeeze my pencil or pen like I did in First Grade, much to Mrs. Backlund’s chagrin)

Anyway, if you still love books and admire those who still write letters, you must read:

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

All of the characters develop through letters.  If an event happens, it is described in a letter.  All communication is described through letters.  It is just amazing how the emotion, history, and connection comes through.  A great read!

Review of HG Recipe Breakfast Cookie

I’m sitting here eating the Breakfast Cookie I adapted using cinnamon-applesauce instead of the pureed peaches.

Rating:  5 (Rating System:  1-5 with 5 being MOST DELICIOUS and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

It is really tasty and you can grab it as you go out the door.  The texture may be different for some of you, but I like it.

Link to Hungry Girl WEBSITE on the write; type in Search Breakfast cookie and you will see the recipe!

On a Cooking Binge

I am so excited. 

RECIPE #1  Hungry Girl’s Breakfast Cookies

I made two batches of the Hungry Girl’s Breakfast cookies, which I will wrap individually and freeze.

The first batch delivered four MAMMOTH cookies, big enough for King Kong.  So, I divided the second batch into six cookies and they are big enough for Sonny.  They are so different, but very tasty, I think ( I just licked the spoon-hah!)

I used cinnamon applesauce in the second batch instead of the pureed peaches and the flavor is good, too!

Recipe #2  Veggie-loaded Tangy Tuna Salad

This one does not have a strong flavor made with albacore tuna, but it really grows on you and is filling.  It has carrots, celery, green pepper, sweet pickle relish, fat-free mayo, pepper and I used Mrs. Dash lemon-pepper.

Anyway, that’s the cooking for the evening, and according to Spark people, I can still enjoy a glass of wine and meet my daily goal and then some.  I might even be able to have HG’s sugar-free pudding and fat-free Readi-whip mousse.  Wow–I never get dessert!!

Ready for the 10-Pound Loss Challenge with Hungry Girl!!

I went to the store to purchase a lot of the ingredients for the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 recipes.  Boy, I was there for a long, long time trying to find everything.  I think they started getting suspicious of me, especially when I talked to myself-hah!  I am currently enjoying my Orville 94% Fat Free Butter 100 calorie snack for the afternoon.  I love crunchy and it doesn’t need any salt.  I’ve done well so far on my calorie count for the first day  and I am trying SO HARD to down that water.  Now my challenge is to not let any of this stuff spoil!!!!   Does that mean I should eat DOUBLE–hah; just kidding!  Anyway, I’M ON MY WAY!!!!!

Return of “The Blogger”

Following a summer of recuperating a torn Rotator Cuff, I am finally back blogging.  I still have some pain, but it is definitely better (THANKS TO MY PT, TYE)!  I have been able to accomplish quite a lot of reading during the summer, which you know I absolutely LOVE!  I’ve tried to track my reads on Facebook with WeRead.  I have started walking the Boulevard again–3 miles– and it feels SO GOOD.  I am starting back on Spark people today, along with trying some Hungry Girl recipes.  I will report on taste, etc. following my adventure in making several of her dishes today.  I want to try her breakfast cookies, a zesty tuna salad, a chinese broccoli slaw and potato salad made out of cauliflower.  WE SHALL SEE!!