On a Cooking Binge

I am so excited. 

RECIPE #1  Hungry Girl’s Breakfast Cookies

I made two batches of the Hungry Girl’s Breakfast cookies, which I will wrap individually and freeze.

The first batch delivered four MAMMOTH cookies, big enough for King Kong.  So, I divided the second batch into six cookies and they are big enough for Sonny.  They are so different, but very tasty, I think ( I just licked the spoon-hah!)

I used cinnamon applesauce in the second batch instead of the pureed peaches and the flavor is good, too!

Recipe #2  Veggie-loaded Tangy Tuna Salad

This one does not have a strong flavor made with albacore tuna, but it really grows on you and is filling.  It has carrots, celery, green pepper, sweet pickle relish, fat-free mayo, pepper and I used Mrs. Dash lemon-pepper.

Anyway, that’s the cooking for the evening, and according to Spark people, I can still enjoy a glass of wine and meet my daily goal and then some.  I might even be able to have HG’s sugar-free pudding and fat-free Readi-whip mousse.  Wow–I never get dessert!!


Ready for the 10-Pound Loss Challenge with Hungry Girl!!

I went to the store to purchase a lot of the ingredients for the Hungry Girl 200 under 200 recipes.  Boy, I was there for a long, long time trying to find everything.  I think they started getting suspicious of me, especially when I talked to myself-hah!  I am currently enjoying my Orville 94% Fat Free Butter 100 calorie snack for the afternoon.  I love crunchy and it doesn’t need any salt.  I’ve done well so far on my calorie count for the first day  and I am trying SO HARD to down that water.  Now my challenge is to not let any of this stuff spoil!!!!   Does that mean I should eat DOUBLE–hah; just kidding!  Anyway, I’M ON MY WAY!!!!!

Return of “The Blogger”

Following a summer of recuperating a torn Rotator Cuff, I am finally back blogging.  I still have some pain, but it is definitely better (THANKS TO MY PT, TYE)!  I have been able to accomplish quite a lot of reading during the summer, which you know I absolutely LOVE!  I’ve tried to track my reads on Facebook with WeRead.  I have started walking the Boulevard again–3 miles– and it feels SO GOOD.  I am starting back on Spark people today, along with trying some Hungry Girl recipes.  I will report on taste, etc. following my adventure in making several of her dishes today.  I want to try her breakfast cookies, a zesty tuna salad, a chinese broccoli slaw and potato salad made out of cauliflower.  WE SHALL SEE!!