Morning Walk in San Francisco

We spent our first morning in SF wandering the streets, searching for a great breakfast for Brett.  Breakfast is just about Brett’s favorite meal and at the corner of Geary and Mason streets, we found the perfect spot:  The Pine Crest Diner.  Pine Crest is a 24/7 diner with fabulous food for any meal you desire.  Pine Crest receives an A+ from our family on decor, service, taste and bargain price.  The diner is small, but cozy with a long counter on one wall, deep-cushioned booths  and Formica tables. The decor reflects the “time of its last remodeling somewhere back in the late ’60s”.   During our breakfast of Pine Crest omelettes, Spanish omelettes with California avocados (my favorite), strawberry waffles and breakfast links and eggs, BG struck up a conversation with a fine, Greek gentleman dressed in a really fine gray suit, and pink tie.  “Bill” turned out to be the founder of Pine Crest restaurant.  BG informed him that “my name is Beeuhl, too.”  We were happy to tell Bill how much we enjoyed his diner.  We returned for two more meals here during the week

Pine Crest Diner in SF
Brandon and Brett check out the menu!

, as it was one of our favorites.


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