Cards I Love to Give by TG

Cards made for new babies, people in the hospital,  people recovering from accident or illness, and “just because”.


It is very difficult to escape the WONDER of TECHNOLOGY these days.  I talk about how it is changing our brains, and changing the brains of our children, but I am STILL ADDICTED as our millions of others.  I have rejoined the Blackberry REALM with the Blackberry TORCH, and I absolutely love it.  How does it grip our interest and capture our “flitting brains” so completely?????  I have tried to avoid the IPhone, just because I would feel like such a “lemming” purchasing one, but I am sure I have a similar addiction to my Blackberry.  For a basically creative, disorganized person, it is like having an extension of my being close to me.  How weird is that?  It truly helps my brain organize all of that information surrounding us.  Is that helpful or a crutch?????


Fredericksburg, Texas Architecture

During our August jaunt in Fredericksburg, we spent a great deal of time viewing and discussing the unique architecture and “curbside appeal” of so many of the houses and shops.  Multitudes of potted plants adorn the sidewalks and quaint porches.  I particularly love the rock houses.  I gathered many ideas for remodelling our garage apartment.  Wainscoat seems to be used a great deal on the walls of houses and shops.  The German influence of the architecture is quite  nice.

Girl’s Road Trip-Thursday

Rather Sweet Cafe

Thursday morning, we woke up and headed out to the Rather Sweet cafe for a scrumptious breakfast of breakfast tacos, veggie muffins, peach scones, organic tea, etc.  A wonderful way to begin our day.  We were the first ones walking the streets, which was quite refreshing for some other trips I have made to Fredericksburg fighting the crowds.  The stores didn’t open until 10:00, so we window shopped and enjoyed the only slightly cooler morning.  We enjoyed a fun day of admiring and dreaming about fabulous quilts, changing our “color schemes”, etc.  We did make “a few” purchases and gathered a few gifts during our Main Street browsing.  I purchased a wonderful hat, after feeling the affects of the sun–stepping out of my box—enjoyed every minute of wearing it!!  Kay had a wonderful hat she bought in Australia, so we were definitely the hat ladies the remainder of the day.  After cooling off at the B&B, we headed for the Rockbox theatre for a two-hour return to the great music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.  It was too much fun.  Mark Best of Abilene treated the 400+ audience to an excellent James Taylor impersonation, with pure dancing on his guitar.   The guest artist was an excellent dancer, singer, and comedian.  We thoroughly enjoyed the show!

Girl’s Road Trip-Wednesday

August 4, 2010

My friend, Kay Staton, and I took a road trip to Fredericksburg, August 4th, 2010.  Kay was anxious to try out her new Ford Edge on the road and we were both looking forward to a brief getaway during the hot month of August.

Ready to hit the road!!

We departed Abilene about 10:30 in the morning and stopped at the Willow Creek Cafe for lunch in Mason, Texas.  It’s a quaint restaurant sitting on the town square of Mason.  We enjoyed a grilled chicken salad and a turkey, swiss cheese sandwich, which were both delicious.  After drinking enough Texas iced tea to float a river, we continued down the West Texas highway.

Willow Creek Cafe, Mason Texas

We arrived in Fredericksburg, approximately 2:00, after the newly appointed navigator (me) struggled a tad to follow the little arrow on the Ford GPS system directing us to our B&B.  We found the street we were looking for, but it took several times around the block to find the exact spot of our B&B loft.  After we located it successfully, it was apparent that the Carriage House Loft was beautifully decorated and just perfect for our adventure.  Fortunately, the B&B was located  just a few blocks off of Main Street, so we immediately headed out into the heat to walk down one side of Main Street.  We spent the entire afternoon on Wednesday browsing the shops and admiring the gorgeous potted flowers of Main Street.  No purchases were made during this hot summer walk—we just browsed,  scoped out the possibilities, and enjoyed the “talk”.  We cooled off a bit at our B&B and used Yelp to determine the best place for us to eat that night.  An Italian restaurant, Bella Pasta, turned out to be our best choice for the evening and neither of us had ever dined there.  Of course, I ordered my favorite Italian dish, Eggplant Parmigiano, and Kay ordered Bow Tie Pasta and Veggies.  The restaurant was small and unpretentious,  and our dinner was quite enjoyable.