Missing for Months

I’ve been missing for months on blogging.  What has been happening in my life?  Working at what I love best-assessing young children’s communication abilities, and as of November 8th–emergency room visits with my sweet husband, Bill and three surgeries to follow.  We are definitely on the up-side of all of this and so thankful for his improving health.  It is a slow journey, and therefore teaches us patience.  In my usual style, after getting 20 of our 72-year-old windows replaced, I dove into replacing window curtains, etc.,my fast action resulting in nothing but total chaos, until I persisted slowly and got it right.  Today is a milestone, as BG wanted to cook chili again.  My chef is back, though I now have much more respect for his time and effort and will gladly go to the store!  It looks simply delicious and I am SO HUMBLED by his healthy presence with me on this cold, Texas night!


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