It occupies my days and my mind.  I used to give presentations on information from Dr. Jane Healey, who I brought to Abilene to speak about her book “Failure to Connect” regarding her prediction that technology would ultimately change our children’s brains.  As I assess 2- and 3-year old children as the SLP on an Early Childhood Autism team, I am seeing a great number of children who  do not meet the criteria of autism, but who do demonstrate evidence of  “different brains” and spend an extraordinary time within a “television” or “game time” environment.  If you begin hours of this activity  prior to age 2, there will be differences.



Well, as usual, Abilene creates new words for a thunderstorm and snow occurring at the same time:  Thundersnow!  But, alas, it was a wonderful snowstorm–very dry and it is still with us.  Hoping my rabbits and owls are doing well–7 degrees in the morning.  Another snow day–I guess we will be working over Spring Break, but I for one love the opportunity to look out at the drifts–yes Texas Drifts!  It was very cold today, but I managed to take a few pictures.