Thank you for a wonderful birthday!!

I enjoyed the most wonderful birthday.  I started it off by walking with my friend, Gail at 6:30 in the morning.  We extended our walk several miles and ended it by enjoying and discussing the garden.  I accomplished some necessary daily tasks, like attending to our cat, Snowshoe, in the apartment and giving him some well-deserved attention.  Then, I went to lunch with my dear friend, Kay.  She gave me the most wonderful big rabbit holding a tealight for my garden.  BG and I then took a nap–what a wonderful thing to do on your birthday-hah!  BG then took me to buy shoes (it’s all about the shoes) at Dillard’s.  As we returned home, Maya, my sweet neighbor, was waiting for me to help her with a 7th grade scrapbook regarding her trip to the Alamo in San Antonio.  We spent the remainder of the day working on that project and I even managed to work in making a card at the same time.  I received numerous phone calls and texts from those I love and BG and I ended the evening with candles and “porch sitting”!  What a fine day!!!  I could never ask for more!!



Fee’s English Garden

For several years, I’ve had a vision of creating a beautiful English garden.  In honor of my mother’s birthday this year, I have accomplished this dream.  My grandfather’s petrified wood; a rock path; a favorite pottery piece;  historic iris; a blooming salvia bush here and there; vegetable plants; verbena; phlox; and a velvet fuschia snapdragon-breathtaking.   We planted a grape vine last year (in honor of our trip with Brett, Leanna, and Brandon to San Francisco and the Napa Valley last summer) and it has returned along the rock fence on the edge of the garden, following a long, cold winter.  The yellow, purple, and cranberry iris adorn the perimeter in gorgeous color.