Fall, 2011

Thus far this month I have:
Enjoyed a road trip With my sweet mama,
Celebrated the 90th birthday of my Aunt D.D.,
Reunited with “the three girls” of my childhood,
Enjoyed joyful times with family,
Called 91-year-old Judge Bob (the fishing buddy of my childhood), listening to him talk with joy and sadness about his sweet wife and our Peggy; telling us about sharing family dinner in Peggy’s honor with my best friend, Janie and her husband Bob at “The Country Squire”, a familiar place from my past,
Celebrated the 4 inches of rain and prayed for Baby Cade,
Cried sweet and painful tears for my friends and their
families, gifted with holding beautiful baby Cade for one precious hour of life,
Walked miles feeling Fall’s first breaths,
Cheered for my boys’ excitement in experiencing the Texas Ranger’s wins,
Enjoyed telephone visits and “texting” with my family,
Endured the barking of Buttons through the thunderstorms,
Rocked our Molly May nearing the end of her Fall season,
And shared good reads and pumpkins with my sweet Billy!

Fall, 2011 brings a mixture of pleasure and pain, moving me forward.


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