* Pieces of Jewelry tell your stories-stories of rapture, enduring love, connection, family, friendship, sorrow, and even pain. Jewelry expresses YOU- how you are feeling in one given day-professional, free-spirited, frolicking, serious, elegant, charming, colorful or simple!
*. All of my treasures displayed on a pegboard wall made by my husband.
*. Memorable
*. Eventful
*. Sparkly
*. Decorative
*. Flashy
* Charming
*. Fun
*. Tingly
*. Layered
*. Some costume
*. Some sterling silver ( most needing polishing!)
*. Picturesque
* Freshwater Pearls Necklace and bracelet, given to me by Billy and our boys, Brett and Brandon
*. Brandon’s gold bracelet-a gift to ‘Mama Terry’
*. Brighton Hearts Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings-purchased at a Brighton shop in an airport, as I traveled to different cities to give presentations about helping young children learn
*. Palm Tree Necklace and earrings purchased in an Orlando Florida Hotel, attending a National Head Start conference-I wear it whenever I am feeling adventurous or in need of discovery!
*. Watches without batteries-too many watches without batteries!!
*. Angela Moore heart earrings, bracelet and penguin necklace purchased in a small boutique in New Hampshire, while on a tour of New England with my mom
*. Green-and-black spotted heart necklace, bracelet and earrings purchased at one of our monthly bunko gatherings, made by a friend of my dear friend, Kelley
*. New Mexico turquoise earrings given to me by my brother while he was living in Albuquerque and turquoise earrings Found in New Mexico when presenting for High-Scope (brings back fond memories of the Southwest, exploring Indian ruins, hiking, and visiting with the Hopis in Farmington, New Mexico)
*. Turquoise bracelet purchased in Sante Fe, Mew Mexico
*. Colorado turquoise necklace and earrings purchased in Colorado while attending a Head Start conference.
*. Colorful Beaded Necklace given to me by Mimi-Billy’s mother.
*. Teardrop Necklace-James Avery, given to me by Sweet Billy, which I wear always.
*. Two pair of beautiful glass earrings purchased from a wonderful Save the Earth World Store in Sonoma, California, where Leanna May and I shopped, while the boys and BG were at the local brewery!
* Coldwater Creek Watch ( just because I liked it) and following the “all I need is one watch with a working watch battery” realization
*. BIG black and white earrings-I am often stuck inside a box of “sameness”, always wearing the same necklace and earrings repeatedly. My sweet daughter-in-law helps me “step out” by encouraging me to buy “big earrings”, like the round black-and -white ones!!
*. The very sad tale of the missing Silpada hammered silver earring-lost somewhere near the armadillo sculptor at Perini’s Steak house in Buffalo Gap-maybe we need to schedule another dinner date to see if the earring is still there in the red dirt??
With all of the stories generated by one piece of jewelry, wearing it can give you a refreshing new lens to look through each day, as you approach the world!!

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