The Waterfall

Beautiful waterfall is back!

Son Brett-our hero!
Tube cleaning over tree
(tree Mama T’s idea)
Clean sponges
Filter re-do

Slowly trickling-waterfall?-not really falling

110 degree temperatures.
Sludge-filled base
Too many Fish?
Milky waters


One Day

One Day:

SWEET Friend dying

POWER over LIfe–based on Money, an over-taxed system, and “help for the patient” operating in a disguise of yielding a deadly sword of dehydration and starvation

A gentle, sweet, dwarf rabbit, family member for many years – The jewel of Riverside-sputtering his last breath of life in my arms

A homeless dog, with some sort of soul-floating knowledge of the dying state of his mama–
Losing total sanity during the thundering bellows of an approaching storm

Viewing the WHOLE PICTURE-small events when compared to the trials of others

In isolation–MY DAY–enough to make me fall apart

I Gather Again