The Swan Visitor

Gazing out glass windows
Still, calm waters
LBJ’s remembrance
Lake of many views
Suddenly, ripples from around the bend
Soft push back-forward….push back-forward….push back-forward
Closer, closer, closer, slowly spinning
Long pure white neck decorated with abundant soft feathers
Looking towards me
Slowly opening nature’s doors
I creep down the sidewalk
Closer, closer, closer, slowly raising camera
As I softly speak in high – pitched tones
Orange beak alert; listening; watching
Snap; Beautiful Swan-moment captured
I sit on the dock; bread in hand; watching; waiting
Soft push back-forward…push back-forward…push back-forward
Closer, closer, closer, slowly spinning
Listening; watching; waiting
Niblet of bread gifted forward
White neck stretching; reaching
Orange beak to hand….opening wide-wider;
I toss the bread in an arc towards the waiting wonder
Touch of soft bread piece on water triggers ripples
Snap; treat from a friend

By Terry Grosvenor


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