February 12, 2014 Goodbye My Friend, Our “ShoebeDoo”

How do you say goodbye to someone who has been so faithful and sweet for 18 years of your lives?  Our dear cat, Snowshoe, died today. We loved him so very much.  Linda Rhonstadt sang a song years ago written by Karla Barnoff:  “Goodbye, My Friend”, that touches upon many of my feelings on this day:

Oh we never know where life will take us                                                                                                    
I know it’s just a ride on the wheel
And we never know when death will shake us  
 And we wonder how it will feel        

So goodbye my friend    
I know I’ll never see you (here) again
But the time together through all the years       
Will take away these tears                
It’s okay now
          Goodbye my friend

I’ve seen a lot of things that make me crazy       
And I guess I held on to you
We could’ve run away and left well maybe  
But it wasn’t time and we both knew

So goodbye my friend
I know I’ll never see you (here) again
But the love you gave me through all the years
Will take away these tears
I’m okay now
Goodbye my friend

Life’s so fragile and love’s so pure
We can’t hold on but we try
We watch how quickly it disappears
And we never know why

But I’m okay now
Goodbye my friend
You can go now
Goodbye my friend

I found Snowshoe as a kitten at our local humane society. Someone had loved him, also, as he was inside a pretty cage with toys, etc.
A snowshoe Siamese with beautiful blue eyes; loved to play; loved children; loved being around family; loved lying about on my scrapbooking table, playing with papers, etc.; loved playing with Kramer, the Cockatiel, Molly, Buttons012 Snowshoe

3205 Snowshoe

9693 Snowshoe

19211 Snowshoe

CIMG0110 Snowshoe

DSC_0228 Snowshoe

DSC_0606 Snowshoe

IMG_0231 Snowshoe

IMG_0367 Snowshoe

IMG_0368 Snowshoe

IMG_1760 Edited Snowshoe

IMG_1763 Snowshoe

IMG_2257 Snowshoe

IMG_2644-001 Snowshoe

Terry's Camera 04042009 272 Snowshoe

Terry's Camera 04042009 278 Snowshoe & Maxwell; loved watching and patting real snow tigers on the television (even looking behind the television for them); loved eating (panicked if his food didn’t totally cover the bottom of the bowl); loved doing “the bug dance” around an intended prey; loved warming himself on the computer wi-fi box; loved roaming under the birdfeeders and irritating his squirrel friends by sitting below them up in the tree; loved being with me; loved climbing up in my lap out on the porch; loved being outside in the yard or garden with me; my friend…….my soulmate……a bright light in my heart. Snowshoe was part of our family….Billy, Brandon, Brett & Leanna loved him, also. His “Mew-Mew”, rubbing his head against us, and his sweetness will always be remembered by all of us.


The Olympics: Sochi

I love watching the Skaters, including Katie Gold, the skating pair competition, ice dancing-so many talented skaters from so many different countries.  Watching the pairs skate tonight, it looks as if both Russian pairs nailed the competition. During the day today, I cheered for Erin Hamlin, racing perfectly in luge, performing for her grandmother, who died in December.   Shaun White attempts his third run on the half-pipe snowboard tonight, hoping to win his third gold medal, even with very poor snow conditions.  The speed skaters, the downhill skiers, the ski jumpers-wow…….I love it all!  Watching the triathalon competition made me want to go cross-country skiing again–one of my favorite activities from my past.  During the downhill slaloms, as participants fought their way around and through the gates, the sounds reminded me of the feel of my skis scraping against packed snow, crunching and swishing, weaving at a high rate of speed down the mountain. I can dream!
All of the athletes inspire and amaze us, with their commitment to excellence, their sport and their patriotism.

DAILY JOURNAL JOG: February 10, 2014


Today’s activities consisted of a day of driving on slightly icy roads for my annual physical scheduled at 9:00 in the morning, time spent relocating scrapbooking supplies following our annual scrapbooking weekend retreat at Camp Butman, hours spent on my first attempt at remembering 2014 using digital Project Life, time tending to the medical needs of our pets, and opening one more package of beautiful new scrapbooking product arriving late afternoon. For some reason, several of my monthly-delivered scrapbooking supplies arrived at the same time over the weekend during my absence, right into my husband, BG’s hands. That was unfortunate, considering this was the first month of my attempting to follow a new budget. And so it goes!

I love these My Mind’s  Eye products (a special by HSN-oops-no more of that!)

Image Image