Throughout the summer of 2015, I have delved heavily into the new
adventure of planning all aspects of my life, to meet greater balance and productivity. Subsequently, I spend a great deal of time maintaining routine activities, and expanding my world, through reading and learning from you tube presentations, on-line classes, etc.  Am I rather obsessed with planning? —- you bet! Do I enjoy it? —-absolutely!!!
My current planners consist of the following: Errands/quick tasks/fitness, Everyday Activities/Events, Card Creation/Tracking/Household, Financial, Book It/Writing/Blogging, Spiritual, Project Life/Scrapbooking, Business/Goals, Pottery, and Art. Future adventures are pending-hah!
One of my favorite planners is my Pottery Log, with the planner book and format created by Marion Smith Designs. I enjoy recording all of my pottery sessions, incorporating before and after-firing pictures of my pottery creations.
TK's Pottery Log, 2015
Marion Smith Designs created the book and inserts of another of my most favorite planners. It is just beautiful and I am currently setting the planner up for October, using a new kit designed by Marion and her husband, Garrett. Marion and Garrett’s October Kit of planning papers and embellishments are of the highest quality with a bit of sparkle and fun included.

TK's October MSD Planner Set-up




Passion for America

  • I found myself listening intently tonight to KERA, and the story of a young man who had come to America from the African Congo to get an education.  He talked of the hope and power of America, and of his hope that his country would one day be a nation of power, as well.  This young man talked of his desire to be an electrical or civil engineer, in order to return to his country to make a difference.  I was struck by such determination, purpose, meaningful drive, and admiration for the country that could make his dream a reality.  I ask myself the question of how America can continue to be a nation of hope and promise, while  at the same time refusing to accept immigrants of such passion and purpose?  Do we, as Americans, given the opportunity for freedom and in many cases, much materialistic excess, demonstrate the same passion, commitment and love for this country, as these immigrants who sacrifice so much to come to America?