Our Keller Bay

Keller Bay
Keller Bay


Keller Bay was a phenomenal yellow Labrador;
Was a Weddle;
Began his life with Jason in Austin;
Lured Lindsay’s heart close to both;
Loved Jason & Lindsay & friends;
Loved the college life;
Loved retrieving his ball and returning it over and over and over again
to anyone who threw it for him;
Loved playing with the guys;
Loved showing love to his family and close friends;
Loved Sonny;
Loved swimming in any body of water, especially Lake LBJ;
Loved wagging his tail to greet old friends;
Loved his life with Jason & Lindsay.

Grandma Fee called him her Gentle Giant;
Sweet Keller Bay;
Sweet Big Dog;
Sweet Sonny’s Buddy;
The Great Protector;

And then came his Baby Abigail;
Keller was her Knight–always watching her; always hovering over her;
always standing nearby, guarding her.
Keller adored Baby Abigail;
He let her lie on his back patting him softly;
He let her play with him roughly, patting his back with a little more
Keller responded to Abigail gently always, sweetly always;
He touched her face with his nose and made her giggle;
Abigail would say Keller was “my /Kejer/”; “my puppy”
Keller was “my play buddy”; “my doggy”; “my love”.
Keller was always there for Abigail.

Keller was always there for all of us.

We will love you forever, Keller–
You were the best of companions;
You were the brightest of canines;

You were our Weddle;
our Keller boy;
We will all miss you, big guy!



4 thoughts on “Our Keller Bay

  1. Thank for the beautiful tribute to our sweet Keller Bay. Thank you for loving him. He will be so dearly missed.

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