Our ten-day journey through Israel  (February 12-22, 2018) accompanied by Israeli Jewish guide, Tsippi Segal, began with our arrival in the vibrant, modern city of Tel Aviv. Our journey exposed my limited knowledge of this ancient, historical land of Israel, surprising me with its multi-cultural and religiously diverse population, its stone beauty, agricultural opportunities, tels of archeological excavations revealing complex layers of civilizations, rugged and mountainous borders of the Dead Sea, brief moments in time captured at  the Sea of Galilee, visibility of Jordan, Syria, Golan Heights and the Mediterranean Sea from Israeli borders,  and of course, the historical evidence of the story of Christ drawing millions of visitors from all over the world to this land.

Sunrise over Israel through the window of our El Al Israel 787 aircraft.

Christmas with Fee, 2011

B and I enjoyed spending time with Fee prior to Christmas–mom is always such a delight.  We loved listening to her stories about Christmas memories from the past, watching her smile over the geese flying over the lake, watching her trying to figure out her new IPhone technology, seeing her in the kitchen cooking her culinary delights, listening to her talk with family friend Mary Lee, and seeing her sip her “Fee-tini” in her Christmas sparkle glass! There is only one Fee and we love her SO MUCH!!!!