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Hemingway’s Wedding Area

DSC_0176 Edited Fab PalmsThe Hemingway grounds include a wedding area, including a white arch very similar to the one in our Texas backyard, installed for Brett and Leanna’s backyard wedding.  We had to take advantage of a photo opportunity!Laughter on Hemingway groundsTerry and Billy on Hemingway grounds

Hemingways Cats and “Cat Houses”!

DSC_0175 Edited Hemingway's Cat Day House Hemingway's Cat Oasis Hemingway Cats Memorial-note names Hemingway Cat Castle Hemingway Cat Castle Hemingway Cat Castle Top Floor Hemingway Cat Castle Basement DSC_0159Elizabeth Taylor wears a gem around her neck and poses on a chunk of wood, whenever people approach the home.  Olivia protects Hemingway’s photographs in the book store, and many other leading ladies and men roam Hemingway’s grounds.

The legacy of Hemingway’s love for his cats carries on and the  generation of cats remaining have a permanent home here in Key West.  Their  accommodations visible  throughout the estate are built with obvious love and respect for their independent mentality.

Hemingway’s Writing Studio–my personal favorite!

DSC_0168 DSC_0171 Edited DSC_0172 Edited DSC_0173 Edited DSC_0174 EditedA Farewell to Arms; The Old Man and the Sea; For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Sun Also Rises are amongst his better-known creations.

His writing studio was unique and tropical–an upper room adorned with natural light from windows in every direction.  His black typewriter still sits on a round table at the center of his room.  Guides repeatedly emphasized “his life as he lived it” and not his untimely death.

The Parrot Bar

Thirst came upon us following our walk back from Hemingway’s Home, so we stopped at the Parrot Bar for a refresher.  There wasn’t any more room at the main bar, so we created our own space at the back of the room, sitting on some old bar stools.  We refreshed our thirst, while entertaining ourselves reading all of the wall paraphernalia—a large part of the history of  The Green Parrot Bar!  Terry enjoyed the Chicago Bear plaques, in particular, and readily pointed them out to her Minnesota Viking friend, Keith!DSC_0207DSC_0203

Bemidji State University  (Keith was particularly fond of this plaque, being from Minnesota)
Bemidji State University
(Keith was particularly fond of this plaque, being from Minnesota)
These metal sculptures reminded me (TG) of my metal sculptures at home.
BG enjoys a cool one!
Quite the selection of beer!
Billy and Keith share stories at the old Green Parrot Bar
Mary-pleased to be out of the heat for a minute!
Terry-Nobody loves being on vacation more!
We had a lot of fun with this sign!


The result of sniveling, while sitting at the Green Parrot bar--Hammer Time!
The result of sniveling, while sitting at the Green Parrot bar–Hammer Time!
The Green Parrot of Key West--an enjoyable time!
The Green Parrot of Key West–an enjoyable time!