Emmylou Harris’ Bonaparte’s Retreat Rescue Organization

I just watched the most wonderful show on PBS-KERA, regarding Rescue Organizations in downtown Nashville. So many committed volunteers and foster families, willing to work tirelessly to save animals from euthanasia and lonely lives possibly including months in caged shelters. Emmy-Lou Harris started Bonaparte’s Retreat, a rescue shelter in her backyard. She and her staff person who cares for the animals also, go frequently to the Metro shelter and choose dogs to take back to their shelter, to love, train and foster these animals, until adoptive families can be found. Emmy-Lou’s organization participated with the metro shelter and other rescue centers to form a rescue pet shop. The pet shop participates with the centers in showing rescue animals to the public housed within the store and on display during musical animal rescue festivals within the city of Nashville. All of the persons involved in this rescue mission demonstrate so much love and caring for the animals and their stories (often unknown). Emmy-Lou Harris expresses her love for all of these animals verbally, as beautifully and clearly as she expresses her feelings through her beautiful songs.