A Glass Wonder

Our trip to Dallas for a second opinion at UT Southwestern began with a view of this  beautiful Chihuly Glass Sculpture in the center of the clinic’s foyer.  The sculpture displays rich color and gorgeous glass detail.  A moment of pleasure during our visit.


Who Is Stuck Behind the Washer?

Okay.  So, this was our day today.  Following over one month of living without a washer or dryer in “This Old House”, one failed attempt of a very small capacity washer/dryer unit that would barely wash one pair of BG’s jeans, and after weeks of trying desperately to find a stacked or stackable washer/dryer unit that would fit into our only spot in my bathroom with a very limited depth measurement, we really thought we had discovered “the one”, just in time to prevent taking the old washboard down to the red creek to clean clothes. We walked into a local supply store, and a very knowledgeable gentleman announced that he had “the perfect fit” for our problem, and that he could deliver it on Friday!!  BG and I were beyond elated to imagine no more hauling of laundry to relatives or laundromats!

Here it is:  Friday!!!  We were aware that we had only 1/4 inch above the height of the new appliance to fit it perfectly into our “spot”.  Today was the day.  Friday night relaxing would be replaced by Friday night washing:  WRONG!!!  So, here come our heroes with the only washer existing that will fit in our space.  The two fine gentlemen worked a very long time, preparing the large stacked machine to fit into the space.  They spent a great deal of effort and time pushing it back into the space, following all of the preparation.  The result: the dryer sounded great, but the washer made no sound.  One looked at the other; the other looked at the one.  “Did you plug the washer in after I plugged in the dryer?”.  “I forgot”.

So, the guys proceeded to spend a great deal of time and effort pulling the large machine out of our small space once again.  They pushed and pulled, until the large unit was blocking my bathroom door.  The two men were quite pleased when they had it successfully plugged into one plug and positioned back in our small space successfully.  One gentleman pushed the dryer button—hurray; it worked quite nicely.  He pushed the washer button and nothing happened.  “Mrs. Grosvenor, We have very bad news!” ( I wonder why they called for me to tell the bad news to, instead of my husband-hah!”).  “The second plug needed by this washer does not work.”

So, the two men pulled and pulled, until they had the unit blocking the bathroom door again.  BG said, “We will have to contact our electrician.  Why don’t you guys leave it here and maybe you can come back later.  I said, “They can’t go anywhere because one man is stuck in the bathroom behind the unit!!!”  BG responded that he would pass him a hot dog for dinner in a bit.  Well, the men pushed and shoved, until they made enough space for the other man to remove himself very carefully from my bathroom.  They departed, leaving me with a tiny space to squeeze through to get into my bathroom.  No problem, except I was expected to arrive at a function looking somewhat respectable within the hour.  Hah!!!  My choice was to cancel my appearance at the event (which I had really been looking forward to attending), OR, to squeeze my body through a very small space.

Initially, I thought that I could grasp hold of my make-up case, hanging on a hook, with a long tool, of some sort (like a fishing pole).  However, the gentlemen had kindly moved my make-up kit elsewhere.  As the hour of my departure drew nearer, I realized it was squeeze this body through the space at hand, or cancel my attendance.  With my husband at the other end, I squeezed and he pushed until I was through to the other side.  I finished getting ready and then pondered my departure through the very small space once again.  After one attempt at approaching it from one angle failed, BG suggested I turn around and try it the other direction.  With doorknob pressed firmly into my backside, I was able to escape, eventually. At least, looking back upon it, we can laugh about it.  Oh my!!!  I made it just in time to my anticipated event, and thoroughly enjoyed seeing a group of old friends!!!

The new Speed Queen washer/dryer unit has been teasing us all weekend, ready to be pushed back into action on Monday morning, when our heroes return.


Last week in Dallas, I had the pleasure of accompanying my “daughter” and first grandson to the local library for “Baby Time”.  At 4-months, you might expect him to be unaware of anything beyond his immediate surroundings.  However, in observing B. from the perspective of my long career in Early Childhood and Speech Pathology, I was elated, to see him attending to every book read aloud to the children and to every puppet, responding with smiles and squeals.  Following the story time, I took B. to the children’s section of the library, picked out a wonderful, interactive board book called “Woof-Woof”, and read it two times to him.  Once again, he was quite attentive!  While we were reading, B.’s mother was at the desk, obtaining B.’s first library card.  As you can see from this picture, he is very aware of the significance of his “ticket to the world of knowledge”!





Night Heron on Riverside

Neighbor, Larry Millar came to visit this evening and was able to identify the strange, new sound in the neighborhood the past two days.  He found it across the street, instead of on the creek, where we expected it to be.  It was a Night Heron, possibly calling for a mate. Life is always an adventure on Elm Creek-love it!

YCNightHeron_DAshcroft.jpg (414×407) San Antonio Autobaon Society



Denton Valley Farms Visit

We spent our Sunday afternoon out in the country on this beautiful sunny day, visiting Denton Valley Farms. If you haven’t been out there, the Denton Valley farm store is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The grounds consist of a fantastic, large wedding & special event venue, surrounded by gorgeous rows of grape vines, peach trees and areas of other gardening delicacies.  Colby & Mandy’s farm store sells delicious fresh peaches, fresh grape juice and jellies, homemade ice cream, and blackberries at this time, with cantaloupe, watermelon, peas, okra and squash coming in the near future.  The store offers other local and surrounding area products, as well.  Mandy & Colby are the sweetest and most gracious hosts and you are sure to enjoy a fun afternoon during your visit.




Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, & Kris Kristofferson-KERA TONIGHT!

Live at Nassauu Coliseum, 1990

It takes me way back–it doesn’t get much better than this!!!


Mama’s Don’t Let your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

Ring of Fire

Me & Bobby McGee

Folsum Prison Blues

Help Me Make it Through the Night

Always on my Mind

Silver Stallion

Lord, Help Me, Jesus, I’ve Wasted It So Help Me Jesus, You Know What I Am.  Lord, Don’t You Know, That I’ve Needed You So Help Me Jesus, My Souls in Your Hands.

Luckenbach, Texas

Big River

On the Road Again

I am never too old to enjoy good music!!!

Taco-filled Tortilla Bowls-TMG


These TACO TORTILLA BOWLS are delicious and perfect for busy parents:


12 flour tortillas

1 lb. ground beef or turkey

1 cup salsa

1 can black beans, (rinsed and drained)

Mexican shredded cheese

1 bunch red leaf lettuce

Guacamole (see recipe below)

Light sour cream


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Microwave tortillas 15 minutes, separated on paper plate.

Form tortilla into a bowl inside each large muffin cups with two folds on each side.

Crunch foil and place foil ball into the center of each tortilla bowl

Place tortilla bowl muffins into oven and bake for a total of 13 minutes.

While tortillas bake, brown meat and drain, if needed.

Season with kosher salt to taste, chili powder and pepper.

Pour 1 cup salsa into cooked meat mixture.

Boil and simmer 10 minutes.

Microwave black beans 3 minutes.

Add spoonfuls of meat and beans into each tortilla bowl, topped with Mexican cheese.

After cheese melts, add pieces of lettuce, guacamole mixture and sour cream.



3 avocados sliced and chopped (include one seed)

1/2 cup salsa

1/4 sliced/chopped onion

1 large lime, squeezed

1 fresh tomato chopped




Having just accomplished one of those “always projected to the future, major household, this old house, MUST DO NOWS”  (i.e. rewiring our entire home electrical wiring that has survived all of the yearly natural corrosion , squirrel chews, etc. since  1938), we find ourselves surrounded by “STUFF”.  “STUFF” is absolutely everywhere!  You can imagine the look on my face, when told by our contractor:  “Please empty this closet, so I can get my ladder into it when I return from lunch”!!!!!   He was so very patient with me, but I was so horrified that all of that “stuff” had to make an appearance right in front of my face, and in every room, yet.  And, although our huge job is finished and well done, I am still surrounded by “stuff” and loving being able to step into my little 1038 closets.  A trivial problem, I know, but overwhelming on a daily basis, nonetheless!  Of course, I don’t consider any of my creative materials stuff-hah!!!!!!!!!  Where is my husband?  He is hiding, of course.  If you see him, please let me know.


We planted this magnolia tree (in front of the rock koi pond built by my grandfather), in honor of my parent’s anniversary.  During rainstorms, which have been rare in the past and frequent the past few months in Texas, one of my favorite reflection times is observing the storm roll in from our front porch, the very same view my Grandma and Grandfather watched every evening in the glow of the yellow ceiling light.  Today, the magnolia tree displayed its full beauty  with two low blossoms, opening their soft, white petals to welcome the second coming of the rain:



Memorial Weekend, 2016

Remembering my daddy today & those families who have served, those families who have lost, and those who continue courageous service and sacrifice for our country. As I watch the Memorial Weekend celebration on KERA, I remember part of my daddy’s story– every Christmas without fail, my daddy received a beautiful fresh fruit package from a fellow navy crewman, who remained anonymous to us, but who thanked my daddy repeatedly for saving his life. We never knew the details of their story, and it doesn’t matter, really. We saw presence of deep emotion, and remembrance in Daddy’s eyes every time he received this gift. Daddy (Paul McGlothing), you will forever be my hero, and you honored the U.S. Navy with your presence and service.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Diamond Doves (the Peacemakers)

“diamonds on the soles of my shoes”                   “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”

“Lucy in the sky with diamonds”

Our gentle, cooing Diamond Doves have laid one egg today.  We await the arrival of a possible second.  The female and male take turns sitting on the egg, which lies upon a very thin nest in their basket, put together by the two of them at the last minute!  We miss their daily coos, as their minds appear to be elsewhere today.  However, they are so interesting to observe during this “miracle moment” of sorts.  What wonderful pets; with the right kind of cage, they are not messy at all and provide a constant source of peaceful sounds, adding tranquility to our daily environment, as well.





One of the perks of retirement has to be watching You Tubes on a variety of topics, increasing knowledge in areas you never had time to explore, while working.  I have acquired a great deal of information regarding my continued addiction to planning, and now have steered myself off in an additional direction of Ryan’s BUJO (known as bullet journaling.)  I have my journal ready to begin tomorrow, June 1st.  The journal pages are all drawn by hand and a ruler (may have to add a template or two in the future.)  I feel sure that I will modify pages a great deal in the near future, according to need.

Dr. Thorpe

Following the final season of Downton Abbey, one of my new guilty pleasures is Amazon’s new show:  Dr. Thorpe.  I have watched 3 3pisodes on my computer thus far.  A variety of characters developed in complexity through romance/conflict/mystery, offered deliciously by Masterpiece Theatre.




Springtime Do-over: Return of the Waterfall & Lillies

After a two-month interval of no-blogging, no waterfall (due to a pump malfunction), slow-growing water plants without the fresh water of the waterfall, unhappy koi and life struggles, in general, HOPE PREVAILED.   As a result, I am inspired to blog again, encouraged by the beautiful sight of sunshine, a lovely refreshing waterfall, happy koi, and a beautiful, blooming rose-purple lily.  Our HOPE did not come to us without EFFORT. Thanks to the masterful problem-solving efforts of friend, Jerry Kiser, the new pump was successfully installed and all aquatic problems were subsequently resolved.


   Life is good again for ALL of us:



TK’s 365 Greetings of Giving

Have you ever received a handwritten note or personally, created card in the mail?  Didn’t it give you great joy?  The payback for the sender is the personal PEOPLE CONNECTIONS you will receive in the most unexpected forms!  Send  a hand-written greeting 365 days of the year to a family member, a friend, an acquaintance, a long-ago friend, a neighbor, someone who needs a boost, someone you suddenly run into, or ANYONE with whom you want to RECONNECT.  It will fill your heart with lovely thoughts and memories.                     Inspired by:  365 Thank Yous by John Kralik


Butterfly 5-card “Wishes” Kit

Materials used:  Stampin’ Up Butterfly Basics Stamp Set; Stampin’ Up card stock; Assirted background paper prints, and Stampin’ Up Butterfly Framelits.

Pirate 5-CARD “ARG” Kit

Materials Used:  Assorted black/white prints; assorted STampin’ Up colored card stock, Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, and Stampin’ Up Hey Valentine Stamp Set


Materials used:  Assorted Damask paper; sequins; Stampin’ Up oval scallop punch; Stampin’ Up heart punch, and Wetlands Stamp set sentiment.


Materials used:  Stampin’ Up, Stamping Bella stamps, and Penny Black stamps