7 red potatoes (baked in foil at 425 degrees, after rubbing with
olive oil, kosher salt and pepper), chopped in chunks
1/2 large onion chopped
2 large cloves garlic chopped finely
8 mini carrots chopped finely
1 small red pepper chopped
1 small green pepper chopped
3 T butter
Olive Oil for sauteing little veggies and rubbing potatoes
6-8 T flour
1 and 1/2 cups almond milk
1 container reduced sodium chicken broth
Several sprigs of fresh Rosemary
Fresh Parsley
1 Tsp. Sage
Kosher Salt

1. Wash potatoes, remove any unsightly eyes, stab each potato twice
with fork or knife, rub in olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt,
pepper and wrap in foil.
2. Bake potatoes at 425 degrees for 45 minutes.
3. Saute chopped onion, carrot, red pepper, and green pepper in olive
oil until tender. Add chopped garlic and saute a few minutes more.
4. Add kosher salt and pepper to taste.
5. Add flour and stir constantly. Add 3 T butter and stir constantly.
6. Slowly add milk, bring to a boil and stir 2 minutes until thickened
7. Add small chunk potatoes and 1 cup sour cream. Stir well and



ENJOY a mug of warm, chunky, potato soup on your favorite cool FALL evening!
ENJOY a mug of warm, chunky, potato soup on your favorite cool FALL evening!


This is too fresh and cuts too deeply at the moment for me to appropriately memorialize one of our sweetest pets that has been such a joyful part of our lives. It is the Fall of the year, my favorite season, and yet, Fall symbolizes the circle of life, including having to say goodbye to those we love so much. It seems as though this time in our lives, death comes too frequently around us. Ms. Peaches died today. She had one more romp outside and climbed back in her house.
Ms. Peaches was so sweet and so precious. The entire family loved her ways and the manner in which she interacted with all of us. There will never be another Lop like her, but we were so blessed to have her join our family and be a part of our crazy lives. Animals give us so much and request just a little love in return.

Time will help us remember all of the “binks” and all of the happy moments with one so sweet.

Our Keller Bay

Keller Bay
Keller Bay


Keller Bay was a phenomenal yellow Labrador;
Was a Weddle;
Began his life with Jason in Austin;
Lured Lindsay’s heart close to both;
Loved Jason & Lindsay & friends;
Loved the college life;
Loved retrieving his ball and returning it over and over and over again
to anyone who threw it for him;
Loved playing with the guys;
Loved showing love to his family and close friends;
Loved Sonny;
Loved swimming in any body of water, especially Lake LBJ;
Loved wagging his tail to greet old friends;
Loved his life with Jason & Lindsay.

Grandma Fee called him her Gentle Giant;
Sweet Keller Bay;
Sweet Big Dog;
Sweet Sonny’s Buddy;
The Great Protector;

And then came his Baby Abigail;
Keller was her Knight–always watching her; always hovering over her;
always standing nearby, guarding her.
Keller adored Baby Abigail;
He let her lie on his back patting him softly;
He let her play with him roughly, patting his back with a little more
Keller responded to Abigail gently always, sweetly always;
He touched her face with his nose and made her giggle;
Abigail would say Keller was “my /Kejer/”; “my puppy”
Keller was “my play buddy”; “my doggy”; “my love”.
Keller was always there for Abigail.

Keller was always there for all of us.

We will love you forever, Keller–
You were the best of companions;
You were the brightest of canines;

You were our Weddle;
our Keller boy;
We will all miss you, big guy!


Emmylou Harris’ Bonaparte’s Retreat Rescue Organization

I just watched the most wonderful show on PBS-KERA, regarding Rescue Organizations in downtown Nashville. So many committed volunteers and foster families, willing to work tirelessly to save animals from euthanasia and lonely lives possibly including months in caged shelters. Emmy-Lou Harris started Bonaparte’s Retreat, a rescue shelter in her backyard. She and her staff person who cares for the animals also, go frequently to the Metro shelter and choose dogs to take back to their shelter, to love, train and foster these animals, until adoptive families can be found. Emmy-Lou’s organization participated with the metro shelter and other rescue centers to form a rescue pet shop. The pet shop participates with the centers in showing rescue animals to the public housed within the store and on display during musical animal rescue festivals within the city of Nashville. All of the persons involved in this rescue mission demonstrate so much love and caring for the animals and their stories (often unknown). Emmy-Lou Harris expresses her love for all of these animals verbally, as beautifully and clearly as she expresses her feelings through her beautiful songs.

Heart Walk, 2015

No matter how difficult it might be to awaken early and head out to Nelson Park, my deep appreciation for my second chance always seems to drive me to participate in this meaningful event!

Still living well 8 years post-operative aortic valve replacement!!  Thank you Dr. John Oswalt for giving me a second chance with the Ross procedure!
Still living well 8 years
post-operative aortic valve replacement!! Thank you Dr. John Oswalt for giving me a second chance with the Ross procedure!

Reassurance Mastered by a Two-Year-Old

When meeting the daunting task of having to say goodbye to one of your favorite “little” friends following a faraway visit: listen carefully to his/her method of handling your unwanted departure. Recently, I experienced this event with one of my favorite and brightest two-year-old buddies. She gave me one of her most precious pouting, thoughtful expressions and proceeded to review the sequence of events for the day that she had gathered from our conversations and actions: “Grandma and Terry going to Marble Falls, Ab going school, _____ drive car school, ____ pick Ab up, Mama come home, Mama come home see Ab.” Well done, Ab! Of course, I proceeded in following up with extending her language by repeating her well-spoken sequence of the day back to her, affirming her beliefs. Then,
she was all ready to say goodbye and get in the car to go to school.

We listen to our children and learn how they comfort themselves!

Space for Pottery

While attempting to care for our Shit-zu, Maxwell (recovering from major knee reconstruction) assisting him in mastering the odd spatial experiences resulting from wearing a bucket (Elizabethan collar) on his head, watering to keep plants that yearn for cool weather surviving in 89 degree October heat, leading 15-year-old Molly (our Pekingnese) and 16-year-old Mr. Buttons (half Pekingnese and half Shit-zu) in and out of the doors several times a day, calling repairmen to take care of “this old house”, card-making, writing letters, and performing other routine household tasks, I took time to enjoy several hours of pottery glazing with friend, DeAun, today. Glazing and painting: my relaxation, my happiness, my joy, amidst all of this somewhat self-created turmoil.
Pottery is a relationship between me and the clay; between me and my creative side.


Throughout the summer of 2015, I have delved heavily into the new
adventure of planning all aspects of my life, to meet greater balance and productivity. Subsequently, I spend a great deal of time maintaining routine activities, and expanding my world, through reading and learning from you tube presentations, on-line classes, etc.  Am I rather obsessed with planning? —- you bet! Do I enjoy it? —-absolutely!!!
My current planners consist of the following: Errands/quick tasks/fitness, Everyday Activities/Events, Card Creation/Tracking/Household, Financial, Book It/Writing/Blogging, Spiritual, Project Life/Scrapbooking, Business/Goals, Pottery, and Art. Future adventures are pending-hah!
One of my favorite planners is my Pottery Log, with the planner book and format created by Marion Smith Designs. I enjoy recording all of my pottery sessions, incorporating before and after-firing pictures of my pottery creations.
TK's Pottery Log, 2015
Marion Smith Designs created the book and inserts of another of my most favorite planners. It is just beautiful and I am currently setting the planner up for October, using a new kit designed by Marion and her husband, Garrett. Marion and Garrett’s October Kit of planning papers and embellishments are of the highest quality with a bit of sparkle and fun included.

TK's October MSD Planner Set-up



Passion for America

  • I found myself listening intently tonight to KERA, and the story of a young man who had come to America from the African Congo to get an education.  He talked of the hope and power of America, and of his hope that his country would one day be a nation of power, as well.  This young man talked of his desire to be an electrical or civil engineer, in order to return to his country to make a difference.  I was struck by such determination, purpose, meaningful drive, and admiration for the country that could make his dream a reality.  I ask myself the question of how America can continue to be a nation of hope and promise, while  at the same time refusing to accept immigrants of such passion and purpose?  Do we, as Americans, given the opportunity for freedom and in many cases, much materialistic excess, demonstrate the same passion, commitment and love for this country, as these immigrants who sacrifice so much to come to America?

TK Creations # 3 Christmas Cards

Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

Materials used: Stampin’ Up Small dots and large dots Embossing Folders, SU Glimmer paper, SU Whisper White paper, SU Very Vanilla paper, SU indigo blue paper, SU Wasabi Green paper, All is Calm Designer paper series, SU Classic Ink pads: indigo blue, cherry cobbler, SU Festival of Trees Stamp Set, SU Festival of Trees tree punch, SU circle punch, SU modern label punch, SU oval punch, SU seam binding ribbon: SU white satin ribbon, cherry cobbler seam binding, Doily thinlet, SU White Embossing powder, and heat gun.

Terry Grosvenor-Independent SU Demonstrator Order from website: snowshoesentiments.stampinup.net

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TK Creations # 2 So Thankful Cards


Materials used: SU Very Vanilla paper, SU Classic Ink pads: chocolate chip, blackberry bliss, mossy meadow, calypso coral, honey, cherry cobbler, SU seam binding ribbon: blackberry bliss, always artichoke, calypso coral, crumb cake, cherry cobbler, SU Holiday Cheer stamp sets, SU Autumn Designer series paper (leaf templates used as mask), and blackberry bless paper, always artichoke paper, calypso coral paper, honey paper, cherry cobbler paper, and border punch.

Terry Grosvenor-Independent SU Demonstrator Order from website: snowshoesentiments.stampinup.net

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TK Creations Card Kit #1


Materials used:  Stampin’ Up Window Pane Embossing Folder,  SU Whisper White paper, SU Very Vanilla paper, SU Classic Ink pads:  blackberry bliss, mossy meadow, calypso coral, honey, cherry cobbler,           SU seam binding ribbon:  blackberry bliss, always artichoke, calypso coral, crumb cake, cherry cobbler,    SU Truly Grateful and Holiday Cheer stamp sets, SU White Embossing powder, heat gun and SU pearls.

Terry Grosvenor-Independent SU Demonstrator                                                                                             Order from website:  snowshoesentiments.stampinup.net

Daytime Stampers-March Group

Image                                         Mary Innes, Jean Dotson and Roxanne Griffith created these beautiful cards last Friday during our                                                  Stampin’ Up Daytime Stampers March Group.  We explored a resist embossing technique, used the                                              Lacy & Lovely Stamp Set, used the banner punch & Banner Blast Stamp Set, and created Pinwheel                                              birthday cards with the Fan Fair vintage paper on sale right now for $4.39 (snowshoesentiments.stampinup.net).


What we need to teach our children…

One of the most important and powerful behaviors to model for our children is the art of resilience–being able to bounce back, reorganize and start again. In these days of reacting without thought, the ability to negotiate problems is also something families can practice and model in the home for our kids. The author of this article says it so well in describing the additional need for parents to recognize when it is timely, necessary and beneficial to help our children learn a skill in order to be more successful in life, organization, socialization, etc. Parenting is difficult, but modelling resilience, balance, negotiation and skill-learning in ourselves can ease the life journey for our children!

sunflowers and soul


The quotation above is from Nelson Mandela – one of the greatest leaders and teachers of all time & certainly of our time. He knew all about the importance of human resilience and modelled it to the rest of us throughout his extraordinary life…

There is a trend in today’s society to do what they call ‘helicopter parenting…’ I have been guilty of this exact thing at times, when my son was younger, but am increasingly learning that it doesn’t serve the child or the parent to make this a permanent state of being

When we take away a child’s right to choose their response to bumpy situations, we take away their opportunity to learn – an opportunity to stretch their boundaries of understanding and their perspective on the world…

So which parent are you…?

The one that teaches your kids that life is ‘perfect’, smooth and shiny &…

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Nashville Destination #1: The Loveless Cafe

Leanna & I rented our Chevy Cruise and drove up into the Tennessee hills towards the Loveless Cafe, highly recommended by our trip consult,                     Trip Advisor.  When we set our eyes on the Cafe, it reminded us of some sort of compound with the Cafe in the middle and little shops and stores built around it.


Outside the cafe, people were playing old-fashioned games, while waiting for their tables.


Motorcyclists are obviously welcome at the Loveless Cafe.  There were quite a few of them.


Prior to entering the cafe, Leanna and I began our frequent trip activity of photographing signs.


(Occasionally, we included a picture of ourselves!)


Image  A hidden gem–Shimai Art—beautiful pottery, wall art, sculptures, & woven loveliness!                                             Image  Just some wall art that caught my eye!ImageImage The Place of Weaving?Image The Smokehouse

We explored all of the shops surrounding the cafe and discovered the wonderful Shimai Art shop (pottery, gifts & wearable art); one of those place you walk into and find the most unique treasures.  I would have bought one of everything, if I could have gotten it onto the plane!  Leanna and I loved the gorgeous pottery.   We acquired two coffee mugs and two tea mugs–such beautiful colors, molded with a unique life symbol.  The artist had also created some unusual, wax-etched flower tiles of vibrant colors.  Some neat leaf iron trivets were calling my name, but might have prevented the plane from getting off of the ground!   The artist of the Shimai is Becca Ganick.   In the back room, VickieVipperman displayed her absolutely beautiful hand-dyed woven cotton, silk & bamboo blankets, scarves, etc. from the Vickie Vipperman Weaving Studio in Kingston Springs, Tennessee–so unique and once again, the variety of colors were so rich.  Vickie packed up our pottery for the plane and was so cordial and helpful to us.

The Loveless Cafe was originally known as the Harpeth Valley Tea Room, serving famous fried chicken and biscuits in 1951, owned by Lon & Annie Loveless.  They served travelers from the front door on Highway 100.  Later, they changed their home into a restaurant, adding country hams cured, smoked and carved on site.  They added 14 hotel rooms to serve guests.  Different owners acquired the diner and it continued the Tennessee tradition of serving southern food with homemade biscuits.  In 1982, they started the Hams & Jams mail order business began and in 1985, the hotel rooms were changed to retail space.  The diner was closed for remodeling and restoration in 2003, opening as the Loveless Cafe with the huge following of today.  When Leanna & I  were called to our table, we ordered a huge brunch breakfast of all of the advertised favorites of the Lovelace:  fried chicken, fried okra, flaky biscuits with the most wonderful peach preserves, salad, etc.  This was definitely comfort food!  What a charming place out in the Tennessee hills.