JIGSAW the PUZZLE: CONNECTING with your TEENS by Terry Grosvenor

IMG_2714Are you needing a way to encourage your teenagers to talk about their day?  Would you like them to share some thoughts with you, besides what they would like you to buy at the grocery store for them to eat?  Bring back the jigsaw puzzle and         COME TO THE TABLE.   Provide a few empty chairs and sit down yourself.  If you are able to place the puzzle in a spot near where your teens occasionally pass by, you will soon find them pausing to pick up puzzle pieces that catch their eyes,  or searching for elusive pieces that fit those empty spots.  Soon, your teens will take a seat themselves, in order to pause a little longer.  As they work the puzzle beside you, sit silently yourself for a bit and you will discover that soon  they are commenting about the puzzle or talking to you.  Connect to their statements with your responses.  Avoid asking them questions at first, join the conversation,  and listen to the magic.  It WORKS!


And, yes, boys,  our pets are still eating the pieces that fall on the floor!