Here’s to You!

Here's to You!
Here's to You!

I made an oil candle today in honor of all of Americans in service to our country this Memorial Day and to look ahead to the Independence Celebration in July! Freedom.  Please double-click on the picture to see true color!


Sonny’s Trip to the Bank

There are dogs and then their are DOGS, who tug at our hearts in everything they do!  The ladies at the bank went crazy over sonny today!!!  They laughed so hard when he would look directly at them instead of to the side where the speaker was, from which their voices sounded.  They were all waving and smiling at him.  Oh, Sonny.  As Brandon always says, “You’re the best dog in the whole world!)    Of course, they rewarded him with a big biscuit.

Mother’s Day!

I enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day with my mom down in Marble Falls on Lake LBJ.  She is so much fun to be with and we laughed and laughed!  We had a great time talking about new and old memories!  All three of  “my boys” called, which always brightens my day.  BG was home with his sweet mother, Doris.  Mom served such perfect meals, with beautiful salads and everything presented so perfectly.  When I arrived home, Leanna and Brett had sent me some gorgeous yellow and white flowers via Leanna’s brother Kagan.   ‘Twas another great day being a mom.

What is Paradise Really?

I’m watching a mystery about a man and wife who built a house overlooking the bay in St. Marten; the end of the story being the disappearance of the wife—

The view from their home was the beautiful Caribbean waters of St. Marten with cruise ships docked.

How interesting? 

A young couple living in a house overlooking the beautiful Caribbean—

                   searching for paradise 

                   paradise never reached,

                   rocky marriage; 


                  a cruise ship full of hundreds of travelers seeking paradise;

                 seeking escape.

What are we really looking for?

Treat Yourself!

Treat yourself to some fun and take a look at Gold Canyon!

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The pod fragrances come in 70 varieties, are non-toxic, and burn clean.  If you tire of that fragrance, just turn it off, cool it, put the lid on and substitute another pod.

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Mother’s Day Approaches!

I’ve always thought that Mother’s Day for me is not a day to be devoted to me as a mother, but rather a time for me to reflect and appreciate the happiness and pure joy that our two boys have woven in and around our lives!  And of course, this year, I am delighted to add our sweet, glistening “daughter” Leanna to the fabric of our family.  All three–Priceless!

Moment by Wislawa Szymborska

I received this poem from a literary site on Twitter:  Very Nice!

April 30


By Wislawa Szymborska

I walk on the slope of a hill gone green.
Grass, little flowers in the grass,
as in a children’s illustration.
The misty sky’s already turning blue.
A view of other hills unfolds in silence.
As if there’d never been any Cambrians, Silurians,
rocks snarling at crags,
upturned abysses,
no nights in flames
and days in clouds of darkness.
As if plains hadn’t pushed their way here
in malignant fevers,
icy shivers.
As if seas had seethed only elsewhere,
shredding the shores of the horizons.
It’s nine-thirty local time.
Everything’s in its place and in polite agreement.
In the valley a little brook cast as a little brook.
A path in the role of a path from always to ever.
Woods disguised as woods alive without end,
and above them birds in flight play birds in flight.
This moment reigns as far as the eye can reach.
One of those earthly moments
invited to linger.