One of the perks of retirement has to be watching You Tubes on a variety of topics, increasing knowledge in areas you never had time to explore, while working.  I have acquired a great deal of information regarding my continued addiction to planning, and now have steered myself off in an additional direction of Ryan’s BUJO (known as bullet journaling.)  I have my journal ready to begin tomorrow, June 1st.  The journal pages are all drawn by hand and a ruler (may have to add a template or two in the future.)  I feel sure that I will modify pages a great deal in the near future, according to need.

Dr. Thorpe

Following the final season of Downton Abbey, one of my new guilty pleasures is Amazon’s new show:  Dr. Thorpe.  I have watched 3 3pisodes on my computer thus far.  A variety of characters developed in complexity through romance/conflict/mystery, offered deliciously by Masterpiece Theatre.






Throughout the summer of 2015, I have delved heavily into the new
adventure of planning all aspects of my life, to meet greater balance and productivity. Subsequently, I spend a great deal of time maintaining routine activities, and expanding my world, through reading and learning from you tube presentations, on-line classes, etc.  Am I rather obsessed with planning? —- you bet! Do I enjoy it? —-absolutely!!!
My current planners consist of the following: Errands/quick tasks/fitness, Everyday Activities/Events, Card Creation/Tracking/Household, Financial, Book It/Writing/Blogging, Spiritual, Project Life/Scrapbooking, Business/Goals, Pottery, and Art. Future adventures are pending-hah!
One of my favorite planners is my Pottery Log, with the planner book and format created by Marion Smith Designs. I enjoy recording all of my pottery sessions, incorporating before and after-firing pictures of my pottery creations.
TK's Pottery Log, 2015
Marion Smith Designs created the book and inserts of another of my most favorite planners. It is just beautiful and I am currently setting the planner up for October, using a new kit designed by Marion and her husband, Garrett. Marion and Garrett’s October Kit of planning papers and embellishments are of the highest quality with a bit of sparkle and fun included.

TK's October MSD Planner Set-up