The Olympics: Sochi

I love watching the Skaters, including Katie Gold, the skating pair competition, ice dancing-so many talented skaters from so many different countries.  Watching the pairs skate tonight, it looks as if both Russian pairs nailed the competition. During the day today, I cheered for Erin Hamlin, racing perfectly in luge, performing for her grandmother, who died in December.   Shaun White attempts his third run on the half-pipe snowboard tonight, hoping to win his third gold medal, even with very poor snow conditions.  The speed skaters, the downhill skiers, the ski jumpers-wow…….I love it all!  Watching the triathalon competition made me want to go cross-country skiing again–one of my favorite activities from my past.  During the downhill slaloms, as participants fought their way around and through the gates, the sounds reminded me of the feel of my skis scraping against packed snow, crunching and swishing, weaving at a high rate of speed down the mountain. I can dream!
All of the athletes inspire and amaze us, with their commitment to excellence, their sport and their patriotism.