THURSDAY, Planting Day!!!

Finally, I spent the entire morning planting:

tomatoes, all kinds of peppers, sweet potato vines, hosta, caladiums, and hibiscus to accompany my herbs.

Now, thunderstorms tonight—no hail, thank you!  These will all look so much better as they bloom and grow, if the skies are kind.




Fee’s English Garden

For several years, I’ve had a vision of creating a beautiful English garden.  In honor of my mother’s birthday this year, I have accomplished this dream.  My grandfather’s petrified wood; a rock path; a favorite pottery piece;  historic iris; a blooming salvia bush here and there; vegetable plants; verbena; phlox; and a velvet fuschia snapdragon-breathtaking.   We planted a grape vine last year (in honor of our trip with Brett, Leanna, and Brandon to San Francisco and the Napa Valley last summer) and it has returned along the rock fence on the edge of the garden, following a long, cold winter.  The yellow, purple, and cranberry iris adorn the perimeter in gorgeous color.